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  • 9/8/04
    OmniGene Now Supported By Panther Informatics Inc.
    As of October 2003.
  • This site is by no means affiliated with the Whitehead Institute Center For Genome Research or the Broad Institute
  • Panther Informatics and its affiliates will occasionally update this site. However, as of Sept 8, 2004 this project has been declared dead. If you are interested in reviving this project please e-mail: gilmanb@pantherinformatics.com.
    We'd like to thank all the wonderful developers who worked on this project. These Include:
  • Erich Stahl, Dave Turner, Hui Gong, Rajesh Kuttan, Tom Lavery, Sinead O'Leary, Todd Green, Ellen Winchester, John Mayor, Alex Rolf, and Michael Stoppelman (also known as "the gang")
  • Special Thanks To: David Altshuler and Mark Daly for there support and contributions

Welcome to OmniGene

OmniGene: Standardizing Biological Data Interchange Through Web Services Technology

OmniGene is an open source, open standards project aimed at helping bioinformatics professionals and students exchange biological data no matter where they are through the web services model and J2EE technology.

OmniGene Provides:

  • A middleware for database access
  • A GUI capable of accessing disparate biological datastores
  • API's to connect to these datastores

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